Redness Corrector™


Advanced Neutralising Cream Benefits: Increases skin barrier function; Regulates blood flow; Instant concealing effect; Anti-inflammatory; Reduces formation of new capillaries; Reduces skins reactivity
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Redness Corrector was formulated as a complete ‘anti-redness’ product with 6 targeted actions to instantly reduce redness, treat inflammation, and helps prevent the appearance of future redness breakouts. Redness Corrector helps redness associated with sensitivity or reactivity, redness, hormonal
Vitamin E & Bisabolol: increase the skin barrier function How to Use:  After cleansing in the morning and /or evening, apply a small amount of Redness Corrector to face, neck and décolletage, avoiding upper and lower eyelids and lips. Use light, upward strokes and allow to absorb.
Bakuchiol & Aloe Vera: minimise immune system reactions, enhancing healing and cellular renewal
Alpha Bisabolol, Caffeine & Potassium Chloride: act by narrowing blood vessels to minimise telangiectasia
Perflurodecalin & Milk Thistle: minimise the formation of new blood vessels
Mineral Pigments: provide instant coverage
50ml 20’s,           30’s,       40’s,      50’s,     60’s R AM / PM