Glow Oil™


Facial Oil with Vitamin C Benefits: Antioxidant; Helps stimulate cellular renewal; Improves skin barrier function; Nourishing; Skin softening
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An ultra-silky beautifully fragranced dry facial oil which helps to instantly hydrate, nourish and enrich dry, flaky skin. Containing 12 essential oils to help revitalise dull, dehydrated and tired skin, with powerful antioxidants that boost and enhance skin texture.  The blend of natural essential oils, which include hydrating Rose Otto Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Oil ensure the skin is nourished and refreshed.
Vitamin C: a lipid-soluble vitamin C with excellent antioxidant properties to neutralise free radicals and minimise the visible signs of skin ageing How to Use:  After cleansing in the morning and/or evening, apply a small amount and blend evenly across the whole face, neck & décolletage area.
Hemp Seed Oil & Inca Omega Oil: are both rich in Omegas which are beneficial for the restoration of skin barrier function
Rose Otto Oil & Grapefruit Oil: are essential oils commonly used in aromatherapy to uplift, nourish and refresh skin, helping to stimulate cellular renewal
Geranium Oil: has excellent astringent/skin toning and antibacterial benefits. Helps to increase circulation, improving the overall health of the skin
30ml 20’s,           30’s,       40’s,      50’s,     60’s C / D / N / O / R AM / PM