Mild Foaming Cleanser Benefits: Instantly dissolves dirt; Refreshing & lightweight; Removes dirt, excess oil & makeup; Counteracts the effects of hard water
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Delicate non-exfoliating, yet deeply purifying, rosemary infused foaming wash suitable for all skin types. gentleCleanse contains rosemary oil, a powerful botanical antioxidant in a sumptuous foaming cleansing wash. gentleCleanse removes impurities without stripping the skin’s natural moisture; leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling refreshed and glowing.
Organic Rosemary Oil: a powerful botanic antimicrobial helping to protect skin from free radical damage. Soothing and anti microbial properties reducing the potential for blemishes. How to Use: Every morning and evening: pump a small amount of cleanser into the palm of the hand and massage into moistened face and neck area. Gently remove product by splashing with water and pat face dry.
Natural Glycerin: a humectant attracting water from the air ensuring the skin remains supple and hydrated, reducing surface skin roughness and maintaining skin comfort.
Yucca Vera Extract: calms and soothes the skin preventing it from overdrying.
40ml  / 150ml 20’s,           30’s,       40’s,      50’s,     60’s C / D / N / R AM / PM

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150ml, 40 ml (travel size)